About me

About me

I was born in Wrocław, Poland in 1977. Firstly, I interested in ornithology at the beginning of 1991; moreover, when I was a 14-year-old I discovered a book “The Birds Of Europe” (“Ptaki Europy”) written by K.A. Dobrowolski which is richly-illustrated and was one in those days a detailed guidebook of our local avifauna. Since childhood I saw some tame birds (for example the long-eared owl) who lived in an old garden in a family house in the eastern part of opolskie voivodeship; I was very interested in what I saw and what birds can be seen in my closest area.

The crucial breakthrough came when I bought a book “Birds of Silesia” (“Ptaki Śląska”) – a mine of information about rich avifauna of our region. I found out the “birds spots” regularly and I paid special attention to the marsh areas of the planned Stobrawski Krajobrazowy Park in north-west part of Opole province. From the beginning of September 1992 I started to make regular observations and birds countings in Reservoir Mietków (more than 450 visits) and sewage farms in Wrocław. Since 2008 I run a company which specializes among others in wildlife expert opinions. You can find more information about it here www.bfa.com.pl A big part of my photos presented on my website are done without any further preparation i.e. no shelters are made and no voices of birds are played. I absolutely obey the ornithology and photography ethics which i.e. forbids to flush out birds from their breeding areas. In case of non-breeding species I follow the rule not to cause them an unnecessary stress.



That hobby started in 2006 when I lived in Warsaw. Because of a lack of an interesting nature areas in the closest region I drove to the Okęcie airport and see from a close distance machines which flew regularly over my windows in suburban Pruszków. I didn’t own professional cameras but I got involved in aviation very quickly. Until today I do my best to combine these two aspects during my every trip. There are places where I regularly appear next to the airports’ fences (f.e. Manchester, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague) and often for very long time I wait for a satisfactory photo. Both passions complement themselves because nights shots can only be done in aviation, whereas the best glamour of living creatures comes while taking pictures of birds.


I work with Canon cameras and lenses. .